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The Web-Based Application Development Heavyweights

The following list is a short list of systems myself (and at times with a team I put together and managed) designed, created, implemented, integrated, supported and successfully launched, some that are still in use today.

Spera, Inc. Loan Repayment Application: Located in Alpine, Utah Spera, Inc. enlisted us to create a platform to make financial transactions via mobile device utilizing texting and Laravel5.6 robust framework. Both the texting infrastructure and web-based access to sensitive loan/payment data were developed successfully and the prototype located at https://loanpay.io launched on July 4, 2018. Laravel5.6/MVC/VueJS/ReactJS/PHP/LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

NauticalNet Marine Social Network: Social Networking is a very popular and interactive way to build relationships with your clients or target market. Joshua has created a number of social networks, one of which is for public view at nauticalnet.net and is scheduled to launch in July of 2011. This system is a full-blown social networking site for the nautical industry. LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

Turner Gas Pricebook: I have created and managed (since 2005) a web-based LAMP system for Turner Gas which generates and maintains their pricing integrity for all their clients. It runs many automated processes to update the cost of diesel which in turn spawns the modification of all client prices and sends them an email notification of the price change. To reach this final price there is a large and easy-to-use web-based interface/GUI their administrators use to input a multitude of calculations such as miles, drivers wages, region, supplier, etc., which the system then takes and calculates. (private showing only) LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

Gold Standard Automotive Network: For just over one year I created a web-based LAMP system to manage GSAN in its’ entirety. GSAN is a company that sold discounted maintenance programs to the public, auto dealers and insurance brokers. I built the application process, database, admin, customer, dealer, and sales areas, credit card processing, security, etc. (private showing only) LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

Money Ordering system for Money Transportation: Due to NDA’s we cannot divulge what company we developed this large complete web-based application however we can tell you it’s awesome! We created a complex behind the scene system for banks to order their money through notifications, user management, permissions & logs. LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript 

Carific!: Carific was a web-based LAMP system that enabled an Auto Dealer to manage their inventory and to list their vehicles for purchase to other Auto Dealers. It would also allow a dealer to trade a vehicle with another dealer. Complete with a full worksheet of all details, damage, and pictures to show as much detail on a vehicle as possible. LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

Site Samples: carific load sheet

Renters Legal Liability: RLL is a provider of Renters/Condo Insurance. I built a system that could manage a Housing Complex’s daily tasks, renters, maintenance, payments, move-in/move-out, application, etc.  LAMP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX/JavaScript

IdealShape: Created a complete body weight management system with BMI, Calorie Estimator, Database of foods and what elements are in them, log in, user access, administration areas and the entire website. LAMP/MySQL/JavaScript

LanguageCalls LTD: (Beijing, China) In 2006 I was contracted as the CTO for Language Calls LTD to redesign a system which taught languages in their native tongue via custom VOIP applications working seamlessly with the web-based WAMP system. I successfully redesigned and implemented a system that could schedule students/teachers for lessons in their own time-zone, sent out reminders, collected fees, paid out teachers, support area with trouble ticketing and complete administration area to oversee everything and generate reports. LAMP/MySQL/JavaScript/VOIP

O’Currance Teleservices Applications: O’Currance Teleservices Over 3 years I created a myriad of web-based LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) applications that ranged from an Agent Scheduler, Agent Administration/Reports, ABRA Integration (payroll), InterTel Integration and Reporting. All external systems were of various platforms such as Windows Server, Solaris Sun, Linux, MSSQL, Oracle, DBF, etc., which I integrated into one singular web-based system to read and write to the perspective originating databases. LAMP/MySQL/JavaScript/VOIP/ODBC/Oracle/ABRA/MSSQL

Thorne Research: (Sandpoint, ID) From 2005-2006 I helped Thorne Research redesign their website and integrate a flat-file database into MySQL and make it searchable on the website for all their products and ingredients. This was an ongoing project for a little over a year.

Other Systems: This is not it, there are many other systems I have been involved with or built myself that are not on this list. If there is anything online needed to be built I can build it, manage the team and take it from 0 to 1 Million in record time with the appropriate funding.

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