What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

To put it simply, it is a set of rules or directions search engines go by to rank, categorize and list any website according to it’s relevancy with any given search.

How do I know all the rules?

There are many ways to know all the rules. Typically Google, MSN, Bing, etc will have an area on their website which shows you what they are looking for in a website to get it listed properly. Unfortunately not all of the search engines out there use the same set of rules so it is really imperative that you know all of them all the time as they can change without notice and as often as they would like.

Search engines mathematical calculations for ranking a website are never given however they will give you some rules to live by to help a website have the greatest “chance” of getting listed as high as possible.

What about those services that claim to list your site with hundreds or thousands of search engines?

[grimace] [chuckle] Yes it is true that many FREE services will claim they will list your website with many search engines. It is true that their process probably won’t hurt your chance to get listed properly in the main search engines but I always say, USE MUCH CAUTION!. The ONLY way to control your listing is to submit your site manually to each search engine so you do it according to their rules. Some auto-listing services are good but why risk the success of your website to a FREE service and expect the world from it, that is just naive and silly. Besides, the only one that really matters is Google and Facebook, all others are very far down the list of relevancy. Like Mr. Miyagi always said, “Use Focus!!!”

Is hiring a private SEO expert expensive?

This is another question I always chuckle inside at since I look at the alternatives. Having a website on the internet doesn’t ever mean anyone actually finds you. And once they find you there is no guarantee that you have what they are looking for. You could have a million hits on your website which could turn into absolutely no results or new business because those million hits were from people not looking for your product. There are exceptions to this which always revolve around your product or service however the general rule is pretty accurate. Location means nothing if you don’t have what they are looking for! You could get your site submitted to all the search engines yourself spending hours and hours researching it and stumbling around. You could hire some monthly service that is cheap that claim to increase your backlinks and ranking and some do an ok job. You could do a lot of things but hiring someone that is very successful with SEO saves you time, aggravation, face, frustration and actually organically and properly helps your site to get place naturally in the search engines. Not hiring the right person can cost you much more than hiring the right person the first time.

Case in point: A client of mine went the cheap route, had a basic website listed which to them was serving their needs. People visited the website for years and just dealt with the mediocrity of it since it was more of an informational website anyways. The nature of their business is Real Estate and they contracted me to redesign their website and help increase their search engine listings. If you ran a search for their company name they wouldn’t even come up in the search till about 10 pages down, yes, their company name! The reason for this was that on their website there were many broken links, dead end pages, illmaintained code and the content never changed. This hurt them every single day for years and years and heaven only knows how much business they lost because of a bad website which wasn’t really their fault at all, it was the persons they hired to keep it up to date and this gets so many people in trouble and all it does is waste time and money and turns people off to having a website in the first place. It’s like showing up to a business networking meeting where everyone else is trying to look nice and you show up in your grubbies right after doing a little work on your engine. It is just not that smart if you care about looking good, gaining new clients and most of all providing the information in a pleasant way to those who took the time to seek you out.


Relevancy is the biggest trick and ploy online today. Have you ever run a search for something only to find other websites that are just search engines who run another search on what you just searched on? Sometimes it is very hard to find what you are looking for because so many fake and misleading websites display content that is NOT relevant to the search. Search Engines try to crack down on this but there are so many websites out there they can’t get them all. If your website has “tricked” the search engines by listing you improperly so you can get traffic that isn’t really related to your product you are hurting yourself more than you are helping yourself. Make your website relevant to the search and cater the content of that page to the visitor not your ulterior agenda.

Make your mamma proud and have a respectable relevant website!


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